"Alpha" is a live performance that takes place in public spaces, specifcally designed to engage with the audience directly. The performance involves dogs sharing a sculpture draped in fesh during an exhibition. The dogs communicate peacefully and strategically with each other while the spectators stand around, observing them eat. The expectation of potential riots creates suspense for the viewers.


As the visitors watch the dogs eat, they enjoy their drinks and engage in conversations. Many record the performance with their cell phones, initially shocked by the idea of the fesh sculpture being consumed, but later realizing that it is part of the artistic staging. Surprisingly, there is no disgust expressed by the audience. The events unfold as the dogs chew and crack, and the viewers are entertained by this seemingly absurd yet unremarkable eating situation.


The artist, observing the dogs from an external perspective, highlights the contrast between the everyday act of feeding and its presentation within a clean exhibition space. This transformation of something "normal" into art becomes visible, emphasizing the unconventional nature of the performance.




Live Performance by Marie Lynn Speckert


images by Sebastian Hinklein

camera by Tim Nowitzki and Max Mendéz